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KEFIRAN is the best of the traditional Kefir drink in a veggie capsule. KEFIRAN contains No dairy, lactose or gluten. KEFIRAN is vegan and low calorie. During fermentation, the L. kefi ranofaciens in traditional kefi r produces kefi ran, a polysaccha- ride that – along with the probiotic cultures – is believed to be the primary source of kefi r’s health benefits.

KEFIRAN is produced through a simple fermentation process of Non-GMO rice. It has no animal sourced ingredients.

Two KEFIRAN capsules provide 20mg of kefi ran PLUS 50 billion active probiotic cultures to help balance digestive health, balance intestinal flora, and support well-being.*

Most of the food in our modern diet is devoid of the healthy bacteria found in many traditional foods. Add KEFIRAN to your daily diet and enjoy the benefi ts of the traditional fermented beverage for healthy digestion, intestinal health and overall well-being.*