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Toki Color

Gray Hair is the absence of melanin.
Toki Color Supports Melanin Production*

Toki Color may be all you need to help your hair stimulate new melanin activity. It contains copper, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B12, folic acid, and Vitamin C – all needed to stimulate tyrosinase activity and support the healthy production of melanin. It also features high levels of lycopene, carotenoids and Vitamin E. Controlled research has demonstrated that lycopene and carotenoids (Vitamin A family) in combination with Vitamins E and C may influence the growth and pigmentation of melanocytes, in vitro, stimulating the production of melanin.*

-Supports Younger Looking Hair
-Not a Dye. Works from Within
-A gradual transformation

Why Do Some People Never Turn Gray?

Long after the rest of us have resorted to dyes – or resigned ourselves to a silver crown – some lucky folks are sporting youthful-looking heads of blond, red, or dark brown hair.

The answer may lie deep within the follicle where hairs take root and grow. That’s where specialized cells called melanocytes manufacture melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its natural color. They do it by first turning tyrosine, an amino acid, into dopa; then they turn the dopa into melanin. In order to get the process going, they may need an ample, active supply of the enzyme tyrosinase.