Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral - Hypoallergenic

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By popular requests from our customers, Kirkman® has developed Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic, an adult multi-vitamin that supports general good health and is also suitable for the sensitive individual. Most adult multiple vitamin formulations available commercially contain additives such as colors, flavors, gluten or other undesirable ingredients that may trigger reactions in sensitive individuals. Furthermore, most of the commercially available products are tablets which can be hard to swallow for some people. Kirkman’s new product is in capsule form and is free of common allergens and ingredients that cause these types of sensitivities.

Advanced Adult Multi-Vitamin/Mineral – Hypoallergenic contains twelve vitamins and eight minerals in forms and dosages that are supported by the latest scientific studies. In addition, it contains coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10) and the Resvida™ brand of resveratrol. These two antioxidants have shown dramatic health benefits in recent scientific evaluations.