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A dietary supplement used to increase the total daily intake of agmatine. It is composed of easy to swallow capsules, each containing 445mg of the exclusive nutraceutical G-Agmatine, the Gilad and Gilads brand of agmatine, as sole active ingredient. AgmaSet is a high quality product manufactured under the highest quality standards and regulations.

AgmaSet provides safe and effective regimen of the exclusive nutraceutical ingredient G-Agmatine. In turn, G-Agmatine boosts nerve resilience and affords healthier nerve functions by modulating multiple key molecular mechanisms including:

• Ion channels
• Nitric oxide (NO) production
• Polyamines
• Extracellular proteins

AgmaSet is great for people in need of safe and effective supplements for nerve health and for resilient nerve functions, for whom previously available solutions were unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, more than 20 million people in the United States alone cope everyday with circumstances that challenge normal nerve functions. AgmaSet can make the difference between a healthier and better lifestyle, or poor quality of life and continuing discomfort.