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AndroVIVE - Androvive is recommend for the support of healthy cortisol and testosterone levels. The proprietary water extraction process results in a highly bioavailable superior potency Tongkat Ali extract. Androvive also contains a synergistic, patented citrus bioflavonoid formula for improved antioxidant support.

What is it?
Androvive promotes muscle growth, increased energy levels, body fat regulation, anti-aging benefits, and improved sexual performance by supporting healthy high testosterone levels, and low cortisol levels. Androvive also provides improved anti-oxidant impact, and may help reduce appetite during weight loss.
Androvive includes a high-potency, extremely bioavailable form of Tongkat Ali, produced via proprietary water extraction process. This concentrated Tongkat Ali extract is combined with a synergistic, patented citrus bioflavinoid formula in order to enhance the powerful effects of Tongkat Ali.