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Angiplex(30 unidoses) 10t is available by Seroyal/Unda.

Homeopathic Preparation

For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with sore throat and laryngitis



Supplemental Facts:
Angiplex contains synergistic homeopathic ingredients, specifically formulated to alleviate the symptoms associated with sore throats and swollen lymph nodes. Sore throats can be caused by postnasal drip from allergies, airborne irritants and environmental conditions, and are often the first symptom of an approaching cold or flu caused by viral or bacterial infections. Individuals with poor immune system function, due to nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and stress, have an increased susceptibility to the onset of a sore throat. Angiplex is indicated for all acute stages of sore throats, strep throat, tonsillitis and laryngitis.