Anxiety Formula/ANX

Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions


Anxiety Formula/ANX 2oz is available by Dr. Garber‘s Biotherapy Formulas.

Dr.Garbers anxiety formula. It is indicated for the relief of feelings of anxiousness and nervous irritability, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, duress stemming from over-activity and overwork. It may be used synergistically with DPR and SLP. The sarcode Hypothalamus in the 9C potency is chosen for its inhibitory effect on hypothalamic function.

The litho Lepidolite contains several minerals including lithium which helps normalize mood by maintaining proper serotonin levels. Ficus carica has a calming action on nervousness felt in the stomach. The buds of Tilia tomentosa have a know sedative and anxiolytic effect. Betula verrucosa seeds are helpful in treating depleted and asthenic conditions of the nervous system.