Enzymatic Therapy



Why support kidney and bladder function with supplements?*

Plants and other nutrients have a long history of use.

Uva ursi (bearberry) is well known for its benefits on the urinary passages.* Europeans are familiar with boldo for supporting healthy fluid balance.* And Native Americans used goldenrod, which stimulates the kidneys to eliminate fluid.*

Why use Aqua-Flow?

Its combination of herbs and nutrients provide support for kidney and bladder function.*

Boldo and goldenrod help support healthy fluid balance and stimulate the kidneys to eliminate fluid.* Minerals and vitamins play a part, too. For instance, clinical studies have shown that magnesium has a beneficial effect in the kidneys.* Vitamin B6 enhances this effect.* And, potassium and sodium are essential to fluid regulation and balance, as well.* Aqua-Flowincludes the right herbs and other nutrients to help you support kidney and bladder health naturally.*