B-12 Methylcobalamin Lozenges (Fast Melt)

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B-12 fast melt presented in the bioactive methylcobalamin form for optimal absorption and retention. Delicious cherry flavor.

-Optimizes energy production
-Promotes cardiovascular health
-Maintains nervous system health
-Helps maintain normal homocysteine levels

Unique Properties
Patient One B-12 supplies 2000 mcg of B-12 in the metabolically active methylcobalamin form to ensure optimal bioavailability and retention. Common B-12 supplements that use cyanocobalamin require the body to take extra steps to transform it into a useable compound. Our lozenges dissolve under the tongue for accelerated absorption and complete B-12 delivery. This is important because B-12 absorption from food or supplements declines with age. In fact, 15% of people aged 60+ are deficient in vitamin B-12. Vegetarians and vegans also face higher risk of B-12 deficiency. Each tablet of Patient One B-12 features a pleasing cherry flavor to promote patient compliance.

Key Ingredients
B-12 as Methylcobalamin:
Methylcobalamin is a highly bioactive and bioavailable form of vitamin B-12, shown to be easier to absorb and utilize than the commonly used synthetic cyanocobalamin form. Methylcobalamin accounts for most B-12 circulating in plasma. The synthetic cyanocobalamin B-12 form commonly used in supplements must be converted into the active methylcobalamin form to deliver wellness benefits. Methylcobalamin B-12 supplies methyl groups for protein and DNA synthesis while supporting circulation, neurotransmitter production, and cellular energy production. B-12 also optimizes healthy homocysteine levels, promoting overall cardiovascular wellness.

-A study of women volunteers in childbearing age evaluated how supplementation with either a B-12 supplement or B-12 plus folic acid supplement might influence plasma homocysteine levels. At study’s end, researchers suggested that supplementation was associated with significant reductions in plasma homocysteine, with the combination supplement of 400 mcg B-12 and 400 mcg folic acid providing greater reductions than the folic acid supplement alone.
-A cohort study investigated the association between cognitive decline and B-12 and folate nutritional status. In the 1648 participants in the study, researchers found that low vitamin B-12 status was associated with more rapid cognitive decline.
-In a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized crossover study of 50 vegetarians with vitamin B-12 deficiency, researchers found that those taking 500 micrograms of supplemental vitamin B-12 appeared to experience improved arterial function when compared with the placebo group. Researchers concluded that B-12 supplementation is a novel strategy for promoting healthy arteries in vegetarians with low B-12 levels.

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