BeautySil Hair & Nails

Jarrow Formulas


Beautify & Strengthen HAIR & NAILS*

The BeautySil™ Difference
Jarrow Formulas® BeautySil™ Hair & Nails formula specifically focuses on 3 nutrients proven to beautify and strengthen hair and nails — biotin + Activated Silicon® from JarroSil® + bioavailable sulfur from MSM — to provide benefits that go beyond conventional multi-vitamin / mineral supplements.*

Jarrow Formulas® BeautySil™ Hair & Nails Include:

  • Stronger Hair Shafts*
  • Less Split Ends*
  • Hair Growth*
  • Stronger, Less Brittle Nails*
  • Less Split Nails*
  • Nail Growth*

Jarrow Formulas® BeautySil™ Hair & Nails is a synergistic formulation of Biotin, JarroSil®, and MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) sulfur. Biotin is essential for normal hair growth and is associated with nail health.* MSM is an organic source of bioavailable sulfur. Sulfur-containing compounds are found in high concentrations in keratin and collagen.* Keratin, the key structural component of the hair & nails, gets much of its strength and stability from sulfur-based “bridges.” Silicon, likewise, is needed for the health of the hair & nails. It is a major mineral component of the nails and contributes to hair shaft strength and hair shine and luster.* JarroSil® is patented Activated Silicon® supplying stabilized molecular clusters of silicic acid. JarroSil® Activated Silicon® contributes bioavailable silicon for the formation of keratin and the support and repair of the hair & nails.*