Berry Raw Reserve Green SuperFood

Amazing Grass


A Confluence Of Algaes, Cereal Grasses, Sea Vegetables & Other Functional Foods

On Amazing Grass family run farm in the middle of Kansas, they’ve devoted hundreds of acres to growing the most nutrient dense cereal grasses on the face of the Earth. Building on this foundation, they’ve added some of the most functional food sources available from land, fresh water and the sea. A blend of AFA’s, spirulina, chlorella and sea vegetables from the coast of Maine, like kelp and sea lettuce. Offering an array of free radical fighting plants and herbs, each ingredient in Raw Reserve is completely raw, vegan and of the highest quality. Plus, each serving contains over 25 billion live probiotics at the time of bottling. Nothing short of Amazing, Raw Reserve is our testament to the incredible power of nutrition.

-Now in a delicious Berry flavor
-Gluten free & Vegan
-Twenty-five Billion Probiotics Per Serving
-USDA Certified Organic
-Packaged in an amber glass bottle
-Nitrogen packed for freshness