Betaine HCL



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Betaine HCL
-Betaine hydrochloride digestive support
-Promotes optimal stomach pH*
-Supports protein digestion*
-Provides 1500 mg of betaine hydrochloride per serving (2 capsules per serving)

Betaine HCl includes 1500 mg of betaine hydrochloride per serving, to help
promote an optimal stomach pH and to support protein digestion. One of the
stomach’s primary functions is the secretion of hydrochloric acid (HCl). HCl
improves protein digestion and the absorption of several nutrients, including
iron, calcium and vitamin B12. The median daily pH level of the stomach is
approximately 1.4, slightly above the 0.8 pH level of secreted stomach acid.
Betaine is a naturally occurring component of foods such as beets, spinach, and
whole wheat. Betaine HCl is commonly used to supplement gastric acid levels: in
a recent clinical study, a single 1500 mg serving of betaine HCl was effective
in supporting an optimal stomach pH in healthy participants. Within 30 minutes
of ingestion of the betaine HCl supplement, participant mean stomach pH was
significantly reduced.*