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Nutritional Support for Fat Digestion

Untold amounts of people today struggle with degenerative liver conditions, resulting in poor digestion and fat metabolism. Physicians have been using bile salts to stimulate the secretory activity or the liver. When stimulated, the liver and gallbladder release bile into the common duct. There, it mixes with pancreatic enzymes before emptying into the duodenum for the digestion of fats. Exogenous bile salts are very helpful in fat digestion. Bilezymase is a comprehensive supplement that assist in the liver and gallbladder relationship.

Symptoms which indicate use:
-Lower bowel gas
-Fat emulsifier

Essential Support:
-G-21 Juniperus Communis
-D-7 Liverol
-D-84 Alopecia
-D-106 Gestzyme