Brain Boost

Jarrow Formulas


-Supports Focus, Cognition & Memory*
-Both Short-Term and Long-Term Effects*
-Clinically-Tested Ingredients
-Sharp-PS® GOLD Omega-3 Phospholipids
-Soy-bean derived phosphatidylserine
-ChocoMind® Cocoa Extract
-Standardized to 12% theobromine, 8% caffeine
-Vinpocetine from Periwinkle Flower

Jarrow Formulas® BrainBoost™ combines clinically tested ingredients to deliver both short-term and long-term benefits. Sharp-PS® Gold supplies the form of phosphatidylserine found naturally in the brain as a conjugated complex of DHA (omega-3) fatty acid as part of the triacylglycerol tail of the phosphatidylserine phospholipid. Phosphatidylserine is important for cell membrane fluidity and improves brain uptake of DHA.* Chocamine® Plus (extract of Theobroma cacao) is a patented extract high in theobromine that has been shown to positively affect cognitive and motor functions, including reaction time.* Vinpocetine supports brain metabolism by increasing brain circulation, enhancing the cerebral synthesis of ATP, improving the utilization of oxygen and supporting the synthesis of several neurotransmitters that affect such critical brain functions as memory, recall, focus and mood.*