Choles-Restore ACC Advanced Cholesterol Control

Bioclinic Naturals


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A unique combination of cholesterol lowering agents, Choles-Restore AAC targets atherogenic lipids as well as endothelial health, with ingredients proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Niacin is a pleotropic molecule, reducing levels of all atherogenic particles containing apoB, including LDL-C, triglycerides, and Lp(a). Although niacin is the only known substance to significantly increase HDL cholesterol, a large body of clinical evidence has found it significantly reduces both cardiovascular events and major coronary heart disease, potentially through unrelated mechanisms. It improves endothelial function, and reduces carotid intima-media thickness and C-reactive protein among participants with the metabolic syndrome. The intermediate release form is the treatment of choice, as it is associated both with lower hepatic toxicity as well as reduced flushing.

Choles-Restore AAC also contains Sytrinol, a unique combination of citrus flavonoids and palm tocotrienols shown to inhibit apoB synthesis, as well as apoB containing lipids. Citrus flavonoids also blunt inflammation in key metabolic tissues, and normalize insulin sensitivity. Lastly, Hibiscus sabdariffa has anti-hyperlipidemic effects, reduces LDL peroxidation, and stimulates cholesterol removal from macrophages by a unique mechanism, completing this synergistic anti-atherogenic blend.

-Provides niacin (nicotinic acid) as intermediate release form; extensively documented improvement in dyslipidemia and inflammation
-High potency dosing, with 500 mg nicotinic acid, 75 mg Sytrinol, and 62.5 mg Hibiscus sabdariffa per tablet, all clinically relevant dosages
-Intermediate release form of niacin avoids both the hepatotoxicity and cutaneous flushing common to other forms
-Well-suited for patients with mixed dyslipidemias, considering multiple lipidmodifying and anti-inflammatory effects of diverse anti-atherogenic ingredients