Choline Citrate



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Benefit: Higher physical performance, mental endurance, and easy available energy.

Only PERQUE Choline Citrate combines both choline and citrate. This is important because citrate activates choline as it energizes and alkalizes the cell. Choline Citrate replenishes choline stores quickly and effectively, improving endurance and performance.*

PERQUE Choline Citrate is in a liquid form to guarantee purity. The commonly used form of choline, choline bitartrate, contains cornstarch and may contain reactive or irritative antigens. Only choline citrate in liquid form is contaminant free. Liquid choline citrate is often preferred over tablets or capsules and is more convenient.*

Choline Citrate has an important mission. Choline and citrate combined can increase magnesium uptake. No other form of choline or citrate has this benefit. Choline Citrate is essential for people who have a block in the primary calcium-magnesium ATPase uptake system, such as individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. This is the pathway that creates energy and takes magnesium into cells. The caveat is that the pathway requires adequate magnesium to work efficiently. When stress or illness compromises the immune system, and when diet, toxins, or immune reactions cause excess cellular acidity (metabolic acidosis), magnesium uptake cannot take place, and this important pathway is impaired.