Clearly EPA/DHA

Life Extension


The EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil have incredible health benefits. These unique, healthy fats promote heart health, help maintain healthy vascular function, support cognitive health, inhibit inflammatory factors that can affect joint comfort, and much more.

But not all fish oil is the same. Our NEW Clearly EPA/DHA fish oil formula is made with a fresh, IFOS™ 5-star rated fish oil as pure and clear as the pristine Pacific waters it comes from. The secret is advanced purification and processing technology, and the result is an ultra-refined fish oil packed with the healthy omega-3s your body needs to stay healthy and live better.

Plus, these clear softgels are smaller and easier to swallow than other omega-3 supplements out there. So choose our Clearly EPA/DHA Omega-3 formula. An ultra-refined fish oil supplement for heart health, cognitive function, joint comfort, and more.