Cran-Max 500mg

Patient One MediNutritionals


Natural nutritional support for urinary tract health

  • Natural support for urinary tract wellness
  • Enhances acidity of urine
  • Inhibits the proliferation of unwanted bacteria
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress

Unique Properties

Cranberries have long been acknowledged for their effective role in supporting the health of the urinary tract. Patient One supplies cranberry concentrate as Cran-Max®, an all-natural, 100% pure cranberry concentrate that has been clinically proven to help promote healthy urinary tract function. Made from the complete cranberry, Cran-Max is derived by a patented delivery system called Bio-Shield® Technology. This proprietary process protects the Cran-Max from degradation as it passes through the digestive tract until it reaches the lower gastrointestinal tract where it can be better absorbed.
The unique extraction process used to produce Cran-Max allows for higher concentrations of all the active nutrients in cranberries when compared to extracts that do not use this process. Juice from whole, organic cranberries is extracted from the fruit, concentrated, and infused back into the pure cranberry fiber or the original berry. This process provides an exceptionally nutrient-dense cranberry concentrate that contains all the bioactive ingredients of the whole fruit for optimal health benefits. With its higher concentration of juice and dietary fiber, Cran-Max stands apart from other cranberry powder supplements. Each capsule of Patient One Cran- Max supplies a potent 500mg of pure cranberry concentrate, providing convenient, one-a-day dosing.

Key Ingredients
Clinical research demonstrates many beneficial properties of cranberries in supporting urinary tract health. Whole cranberries also contain proanthocyanins and anthocyanins, bioflavonoids known for their antioxidant activity.

Bacteria can adhere to epithelial cells lining the urinary tract and bladder. The bioactive compounds found in Cran-Max naturally support the urinary tract by inhibiting adherence of pathogenic bacteria to these epithelial cells and thereby preventing their consequent proliferation and infection. Instead, the bacteria are easily flushed out.

Cran-Max is an ideal alternative to cranberry juice because it offers the same support without the unwanted sugar found in many cranberry juices that can encourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Cranberry extract works by enhancing the acidity of urine and maintaining a healthy urinary tract ecology. In addition, the A-type proanthocyanidins and d-mannose found in cranberry extract along with benzoic, malic, quinic, ellagic, shikimic, and citric acids are associated with health benefits.


  • A 12-week study was performed to investigate the use of concentrated cranberry extract on preventing recurrent urinary tract infections in women. At studies end, researchers concluded that a cranberry preparation with a high phenolic content may completely prevent UTIs in women who are subject to recurrent infections.(5)
  • A placebo-controlled, large-scale clinical trial investigated the effect cranberries would have on bacteriuria with pyuria in older women. Researchers concluded that cranberry beverage reduces the frequency of bacteriuria with pyuria in older women and cranberry juice may have microbiologic justification on the urinary tract.(7)


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