Dioscorea Capsules 500mg



Dioscorea villosa has antispasmodic and anodyne actions on gastro-intestinal tract. In sudden spasmodic gripping pain in the stomach and bowels it acts similarly to colocynth, but it is more certain in the more severe cases. It is specific in bilious colic (spasmodic abdominal pain), in the pain of the passing of gall stones, in mild cases and is valuable in spasmodic colic of any kind. Spasmodic pain yields to it readily, but it is much more certain in pain and muscular spasms of the intestine. In neuralgic dysmenorrhea, in ovarian neuralgia, cramp-like pains in the uterus at any time, and in severe after pains it often acts satisfactorily, quickly relieving the muscular spasm.*