Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water


Double Helix Water stable water clusters may help support the body’s natural process of cell repair and injured tissues which become inflamed. It goes beyond hydration by increasing blood flow; allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. This may also help to remove impurities and enable cells to function at an optimal level. Double Helix Water supports:

  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Increased Energy
  • Natural Detoxification
  • Improved Cellular Health
  • Sports Recovery
  • Overall Well-Being

The millions of stable water clusters found in Double Helix Water have polar charges and may help normalize cellular membrane voltage potential. When the cell’s voltage potential is normalized, cells can regulate normally and function at their optimal level – giving you higher absorbency of nutrients into the cell as well as easier removal of toxins stored within the cell. Whether you are healing your body from illness/disease, repairing from surgery, concentrating on anti-aging, applying new life style changes or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will benefit from optimal cell function.

A little bit of science:
Believed to originally occur in nature and undiscovered until recently, Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into our unique helix shaped Stable Water Clusters.

What actually is Double Helix Water?
Double Helix Water is 100% ultra-pure water containing large concentrations of stable water clusters. What do we mean by a stable water cluster? Let’s take a look at commonly known states or “phases” of water.

Water is generally recognized to exist in three phases—gas, liquid, and solid. In its solid phase, we refer to it as ice; in its liquid phase, as water; and in its gaseous phase, as steam. In each of these phases, it is the exact same molecule, H2O. What is different is the space or distance between the components of the molecule.

Normally, the distance between the elements of a water molecule is affected by temperature. Thus, the lower the temperature, the closer are the constituents, until the freezing point, when water becomes solid and turns into ice. However, a fourth phase or state of water has been discovered, and it does not fit the above classifications. This is the stable water cluster.

When we speak about the stable water cluster, we are still referring to the exact same water molecule; but the distance between the molecules is even closer than any other known states of water. What’s more, the distance was not created nor affected because of temperature. The stable water cluster stays solid at room temperature; in fact, it stays solid even at intensely high temperatures. So it can no longer be classified as ice.