Dual Action Blood Pressure

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Dual Action Blood Pressure provides day and night nutritional support for healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range. Unlike traditional blood pressure supplements, our Dual Action Blood Pressure formula delivers flavonoid and glycoside compounds in two separate tablets — one taken in the morning, the other at night — for constant vascular health support.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Specialized twice-daily daytime and nighttime support formula
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range
  • Supports healthy blood vessel dilation
  • Encourages healthy, restful sleep patterns

Twice daily dose for maximum effectiveness

Maintaining healthy vascular health and blood pressure is an essential part of staying healthy at any age — but many people do not realize that blood pressure readings can vary greatly depending on whether you’re awake or asleep.1

Dual Action Blood Pressure is the only twice-daily nutritional supplement formulated from the ground up to address both nocturnal and diurnal blood pressure health. Each 30-day supply provides 60 vegetarian tablets, divided into a morning and evening dose via convenient blister packaging.

Flavonoid and glycoside phytonutrients for vascular health

Each morning and evening tablet of Dual Action Blood Pressure contains quercetin, myricitrin, and myricetin flavonoids – molecules found in small amounts in a variety of plant foods.2, 3 Multiple clinical studies indicate that these phytonutrient compounds promote healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range by encouraging healthy arterial dilation.4, 5

Each dose also contains stevioside. Stevioside is a glycoside molecule derived from leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevioside also promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range6-9 through similar mechanisms as the flavonoid compounds it’s paired with.

Unique blood pressure and vascular health support

Dual Action Blood Pressure provides a novel approach to promoting blood pressure health both while you’re awake, as well as while you’re asleep. Because of this unique twice-daily formulation, Dual Action Blood Pressure is the most comprehensive blood pressure support formula on the market.


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