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EPA-DHA Super 60sg is available by Progressive Labs.

EPA and DHA have two protective roles: First they lessen the synthesis and enhance clearance of cholesterol and triglycerides as well as inhibiting the uptake of another essential fatty acid which is substrate for the pro-aggregatory, pro-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive prostaglandin-2 series.

Research conducted over the past 2 decades indicates that fats and cholesterol play a major role in the development of heart disease, the number one killer in the U.S. This same research uncovered an apparent enigma centered on the Greenland Eskimo, whose diet is rich in animal fat and yet, is virtually free from coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus. Studies by H.O. Bang, J. Dyerberg and others provide evidence that high levels of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic fatty acids found in the fish, seal and whale diet of the Eskimo may be protective against heart disease.

Dietary Supplement

EPA and DHA are themselves substrates for anti- aggregatory, anti-inflammatory and vasodilating prostaglandin-3 series. By altering the ratio of the 2 series to the 3 series in favor of the 3 series, EPA and DHA reduce many of the risk factors related to heart disease and stroke. Research indicates that EPA and DHA:

1. Lower total serum cholesterol.
2. Selectively lower VLDL and LDL cholesterol
3. Elevate protective HDL cholesterol
4. Lower triglycerides
5. Reduce the tendency of platelets to clump and adhere to blood vessels