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  • Soothe dry, sensitive skin.* Execlear has been shown to soothe dry, temporarily irritated skin in placebo-controlled studies conducted on both adults and children.* 
  • Improve appearance of skin.* The same research showed Execlear helped promote smooth, clear skin.*

Dry, prickly skin is an uncomfortable fact of life for many people. Trying to figure out what the causes are and how to avoid them can make life difficult for adults and children with sensitive skin. And it’s hard to find a good remedy, as many either don’t work or contain ingredients you’d probably rather not put on your skin like petrolatum, parabens, or propylene glycol.

Fortunately, there’s effective, safe, completely natural help for your skin. Made from a special strain of patented, heat-sterilized Lactobacillus acidophilus, Execlear™ supports healthy skin from the inside out.*

L-92™, the main ingredient in Execlear, is a patented powder made from sterilized L. acidophilus cells — the same healthy bacteria found in yogurt. It works by bringing chemical messengers of the immune system called cytokines into the right balance, thus promoting healthy skin.*