Flents Douche Kit (Reusable Douche)

Vital Nutrients


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Flents® Douche Kit (Reusable Douche) is available by Vital Nutrients. For use with Arden’s Powder vaginal cleansing douche.

  • more capacity than disposables
  • simply fill and squeeze
  • soft latex bag
  • discreet storage case

16 fl. oz.

More Info:
convenient & fresh

The Flents® Douche Kit has more capacity than disposables and holds up to 16 fluid ounces of douching solution. With its reusable design, its less expensive to use than disposables. It is perfect for use at home or when traveling and can be stored in its discreet and compact storage case

The reusable Flents® Douche Kit is convenient to use and an economical way to get that clean, fresh feeling. It comes in a compact size with a portable storage case that can be used at home or when traveling.