Four Pillars Daily Supplement



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Four Pillars Daily Supplement
• Includes the 4 major foundations of nutrition that researchers agree are
required to be supplemented on a daily basis

• Great for maintenance and therapeutic regimes
Convenient & patient-friendly
• 30 easy-to-use portable strips enhance compliance

Cost effective
• Key supplementation in one product

Pharmax Four Pillars is the most convenient way to create a solid nutritional
foundation by providing the required daily levels of essential nutrients in
four easy-to-take capsules or tablets. Each cost effective box contains 30
strips, one strip per day comprising of:
• 1 multi-vitamins minerals tablet;
• 1 broad spectrum endogenous and exogenous antioxidants tablet ;
• 1 clinically proven human sourced probiotics capsule ;
• 1 omega 3 essential fatty acids capsule.