ZyCal Bioceuticals


Introducing Gastrotene™, the first GI product to leverage the powerful tissue-activating protein in 2-Beta Coxatene™ for epithelial cell stimulation while supporting optimal GI function.

Gastrotene™ contains a blend of 2-Beta Coxatene™ and essential GI nutrients specially formulated to maintain GI tract integrity, enhance naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and quickly normalize GI function.

Added to the epithelial activating power of 2-Beta Coxatene™ are glutamine and slippery elm.

  • Glutamine which nourishes the micro-villi keeping them tall, full and strong, inhibiting harmful bacteria and other invaders from penetrating the GI lumen and entering the blood stream for superior GI protection.
  • Slippery elm, which contains mucilage to help cost the GI tract for a healthy bowl function and maintains proper acid balance within the stomach. Gastrotene™ combines the best nutrients for GI support with the powerful 2-Beta Coxatene™ tissue activating proteins for a healthier gut, intestines, colon and life.