Hydrating Waterless Cleanser

Dr Zen Skin


Waterless Cleanser Spray. No need for water, sinks, or tubs. Spray on and wipe off or air dry.

This non-abrasive cleanser is intended to be used when water, sinks, or tubs are not available. This cleanser is enhanced with Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential Oils and other botanical extracts such as, Aloe, Green Tea, and White Tea. This waterless cleanser is wonderful for the hands and feet before treatments or at home, in the office, or for your gym bag. We have all had the after-work clients who dont have time to freshen up their hands and/or feet prior to their treatment, so a few sprays of this waterless cleanser, no more smelly feet. After you spray on the cleanser, you can dry with a towel or just let it air dry, no water necessary. This product is great for mobile therapists. This product can also be used as a natural deodorant and great for in between toes and finger nails suffering from fungus.