I-Plex 400mg

American Nutriceuticals


I-Plex is a unique, totally organic anti-inflammatory enzyme complex derived from primitive vegetable
sprouts that have been shown to remarkably enhance the bodys ability to reduce joint inflammation.
This product has been shown to increase glutathione peroxidase which decreases C-reactive proteins
in the blood causing a decrease in inflammation. Positive results can be measured by decreased levels
of C-reactive proteins. This process enzymatically reduces elevated levels of blood fats
(triglycerides) in the joint synovial fluid space, helping to eliminate pain, provide energy and a
feeling of well being. Also, with a decrease of inflammation and joint stiffness, there is an
improvement of flexibility and performance. There are no reported side effects and I-plex is safe
for long term use.

-Reduce joint pain and inflammation
-Aids in the healing of damaged cartilage and bone
-Improves mobility and physical performance