Immugen (canine and feline)

Thorne Vet


Thorne Research has changed the flavor profile in the formula for Immugen®. The previous flavoring ingredient in Immugen was derived from the skin of the Alaskan pollack. The skin was removed from the fresh fish while still on the fishing boat, and no chemicals were used to remove or dry the skin. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to access this flavoring ingredient, and so we are currently evaluating a salmon powder for future use. Because ThorneVET takes great care in evaluating all of our ingredients, and to keep Immugen in stock, it has been necessary to manufacture the most recent batch of Immugen with no flavoring as an interim measure.

Immune support for small animals

  • comprehensive immune support product
  • vitamins, minerals, glandular, and herbs with immune-supportive properties
  • activates natural-killer cells
  • promotes the bodys innate resistance to pathogens