Immuno-Aid Advanced Formula

Kirkman Professional


Kirkmans Immuno-Aid Formula has been updated based on the latest scientific information regarding improving the immune response to current exposure risks. Our new, advanced formula includes elderberry extract, a powerful immune enhancer. Recent studies have shown that elderberry may stop the growth of select viruses under certain conditions.

You should be concerned about your immune system during periods of extreme exposure if:

-you regularly get illnesses that go around
-you travel on airplanes or other mass transit
-you travel internationally
-your occupation forces you to work in crowded situations, such as at schools, department stores, banks etc.
-you attend crowded learning institutions
-you must be around sick people as are doctors, nurses, and hospital employees
-you are exposed to stressful situations

Kirkmans Immuno-Aid Advanced Formula includes powerful immune supporters clinically proven to help you stay well. This product is a hypoallergenic formulation suitable for individuals with special requirements and sensitivities.