Jarro-Zymes Plus

Jarrow Formulas


Jarro-Zymes Plus
-Extra Strength Lipase plus Alpha Galactosidase
-Similar to Human Pancreatic Enzymes-•Richer in Lipase Than

Other Pancreatic Supplements
-Superior to Vegetable Enzymes
-Facilitates the Digestion of Legumes*

Jarro-Zymes Plus contains porcine pancreatic enzymes because their composition is similar to that of human pancreatic enzymes and are superior to vegetable enzymes.* Alpha galactosidase is produced by single cell fermentation and facilitates digestion of legumes.*

-One AGS unit of alpha galactosidase digests 1 mg of the carbohydrates raffinose and stachyose
-One USP unit of Lipase activity digests 1 mg uEq. of fatty acid per minute at the pH of 9.0 at 37°C
-One USP unit of Amylase activity digests 1 mg of dry USP potato starch    
-One USP unit of Protease activity digests 1 mg of casein (milk protein)