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Jigsaw Basic Packets

In 1 Easy, On-The-Go Packet.
Magnesium, Vitamin C, Active B Complex, Omega-3 Fish Oil + Vitamin D3,
Curcumin, Multi-Mineral, and Antioxidants.
Critical nutrients in the most effective supplements.
Highest quality form of each ingredients.

1) Magnesium w/SRT:(Sustained Release Technology) releases Albions patented
dimagnesium malate, one of the world’s most bioavailable forms of magnesium,
gently into your body over an extended period of time for super-absorption.
This combination allows you to avoid the dreaded digestive discomfort
experienced with nearly all other magnesium supplements.*

2) Vitamin C w/SRT: A highly versatile antioxidant, vitamin C protects the
body from day-to-day oxidative stress and promotes healthy collagen, blood
vessels, tendons, ligaments, bones, and immune response. Our proprietary
Sustained Release Technology (SRT) steadily releases vitamin C, and acts as a
buffer so you avoid the dreaded digestive discomfort and acid indigestion
that can occur with other supplements.*

3) Activated B w/SRT: A potent blend of the active forms of every B vitamin,
in our proprietary Sustained Release Technology, providing your body and mind
with a healthy, steady supply of energy throughout the day. Also central to
maintaining proper functioning of the heart and nervous system, supporting
the bodys ability to detoxify itself, and enhancing mental alertness and

4) Omega-3 Fish Oil + Vitamin D3: Contains the purest form of concentrated
omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA), along with Vitamin D3. Omega-3’s
are crucial for supporting heart and brain health and supporting healthy
blood pressure levels within normal range. Vitamin D3 promotes optimal health
throughout the body, including immune, heart, and bone health; yet many
people run low on this vital nutrient.

5) Curcumin Extract: An antioxidant derived from the popular Indian spice,
Turmeric, that supports the immune system and maintains cellular health.*

6) Essential Blend Antioxidant: Contains vitamins A, and E, plus super-potent
pomegranate, acai, cranberry, green tea, and grape seed extracts to support
immune response and support the bodys ability to deal with the daily effects
of free radicals.*

7) Essential Blend Multi Mineral: Contains highly absorbable, organic forms
of critical trace minerals such as selenium, manganese, chromium, molybdenum,
copper, iodine, and zinc, to help you replenish these incredibly vital