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  • Supports mitochondrial health by protecting mitochondrial function and promoting the generation of new mitochondria.* 
  • Slows the aging process by limiting the damage to the mitochondria.* 
  • Boosts your energy level by making more energy available for physical activity.*

If you think aging is inevitable, think again. New research reveals we can slow down — and possibly even reverse — the aging process.

Recently, scientists have uncovered a significant contributing factor to aging: the degradation of mitochondria, our bodies’ natural power plants. Present within every human cell, mitochondria generate the energy our bodies need to function efficiently. When enough mitochondria become damaged, or their quantities diminish, they are not able to produce sufficient energy to keep all the organs going. The result? Less energy. Foggy thinking. Accelerated aging cellular.

In 2003, Japanese researchers rocked the scientific world with their discovery of the first new vitamin since 1948: pyrroloquinoline quinone (or PQQ for short). The active ingredient in Mitoviva™, PQQ could help preserve the quantity and function of the mitochondria.* PQQ is one of the only substances shown to increase both the quantity and function of mitochondria — meaning it not only increases how many cellular “ power plants” you have but also how well they work.*