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Electrolytes and soothing herbs to help relieve nighttime leg cramps, minor muscle cramps from exercise and general muscle tension

  • Helps relax muscles tense from daily stress
  • Soothes muscles overworked by athletic activity
  • Lessens nighttime muscle leg cramps
  • Promotes relaxation for a good nights sleep
  • Supports balanced electrolytes

Unique Properties
Patient One MuscleCare™ supplies three key electolytes for maintaining healthy muscle contractile function, along with soothing botanical extracts of Valerian root, White willow bark and Passion flower to ease occasional muscle tension. This formula provides effective support to help reduce painful nighttime or excercise-related leg muscle cramps, minor muscle cramps associated with athletic activity, and overall muscle tension.

Key Ingredients
Cramps can sometimes occur due to decreased amounts of important minerals. MuscleCare can help replace electrolytes lost through perspiration or as a result of diet insufficiency. Magnesium, calcium and potassium are, among other important roles, essential for supporting proper function of the muscles and nerves.

MuscleCare supplies a synergistic blend of herbal extracts including Valerian root, White willow, and Passion flower that promote overall relaxation in the body, moderate occasional stress and help to relieve the discomfort of tense, tight, or overworked muscles.

Passion flower is used as a calmative, anti-spasmodic and works by increasing levels of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA lowers the activity of some brain cells, resulting in relaxation.

White willow bark has been used for thousands of years to support the body in naturally relieving pain. The bark of white willow contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). It helps support eicosanoid and cytokine balance and is responsible for the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of MuscleCare.

Valerian root has a long history of use as a nerve sedative and muscle relaxant, helping to promote relaxation, decrease anxiety and tension, and enhance sleep. Along with passion flower, it acts to calm and relax the central nervous system.


  • In several clinical trials, magnesium supported leg muscle comfort by helping to lessen occasional nighttime cramping while relieving occasional sleeplessness.


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