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Ten Mushroom Formula® is a comprehensive blend of organically grown medicinal mushrooms, including Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake and Coriolus. These mushrooms act synergistically to reinforce the immune system while supporting total-body health throughout the seasons.

-Promotes Long Term Immune Support*
-Supports Overall Immune Function*
-Vegetarian/Vegan Safe; Gluten & Allergen Free
-Complete Daily Support*
-Ten Mushroom Formula® utilizes the full body mycelium of organically grown medicinal mushrooms selected for their health promoting benefits and provides a broad range of long-term, gentle support for cardiovascular, liver and digestive health. The mushrooms active components also work synergistically to support the immune system function and response.*

Our Ten Mushroom Formula® uses multiple pathways to protect you
Ten Mushroom Formula® is a potent blend of medicinal mushrooms that helps keep you healthy and protects you from potentially devastating health calamities. It operates by supping your bodys own natural defenses for: healthy, strong hearts and lungs... liver support... protection for breasts, colon and prostate... healthy blood sugar levels... healthy digestion... and rejuvenated cells.*

And unlike other mushroom formulas, it includes ten mushrooms to provide a broad spectrum of action - each one patrolling and searching the body for a different target. So you get powerful, comprehensive protection.*

How it works
Your immune system is the single most effective weapon in your bodys arsenal against incessant attacks. When it is working correctly, its defender cells quickly seek out toxins and invaders that cause health problems -- and slay them on the spot. A strong, fortified immune system is awake and on alert, destroying abnormal cells and invaders before a health disaster starts. Certain mushrooms do this more powerfully than any substance known to man - acting within hours of consumption. These are natures most powerful weapons for revitalizing and defending your entire body, from head to toe. However, if you are considering any mushrooms, I must warn you. Many of the mushrooms currently on the market could do more harm than good.*

Additional Immune Support from Beta-1, 3-Glucan
Beta glucan is one of the powerful immune activating phytochemicals found naturally in medicinal mushrooms. Ten Mushroom Formula® contains additional beta-1, 3-glucan, purified from bakers yeast, to offer further immune support.