Nattovena 4,000 FU/cap

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Many Asian cultures exhibit superior cardiovascular health in comparison to average US adults, which is widely attributed to a diet higher in natural food-based enzymes. For instance, the Japanese have consumed a dish known as natto for centuries which contains the heart healthy enzyme nattokinase. NATTOVENA is the worlds strongest pure-nattokinase product on the market, rated at 4, 000 fibrinolytic (fibrin-dissolving) units of activity per capsule. NATTOVENA supports circulatory and heart health by assisting in cleaning the body of potentially harmful blood-borne particles such as fibrin. Fibrin is a protein that develops in excess as we age, which may hinder circulatory function or even impact healthy blood viscosity. NATTOVENA is a powerful blood-cleansing enzyme, formulated to help maintain normal cardiovascular health.

Nattovena Supports:
-Circulatory and Heart Health*
-Superior Fibrin Degradation*
-Blood Cleansing and Purification*
-Normal Blood Viscosity*
-Softened Blood Plasma*
-Healthy Plasmin Production*