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An excellent neuroprotective formulation*

  • nutrients for nerve and brain support*
  • promotes mitochondrial energetics (cellular energy powerhouses)*
  • convenient all-in-one product

The potential for adverse impacts on neurological health is increasing and becoming more prevalent due to increased lifespan,environmental toxicity,and poor diet with subsequent nutrient deficiencies.

Mitochondrial sufficiency appears to be at the foundation of neurological health. The mitochondria,important cellular energy-producing powerhouses,are also a significant source of free radical production,even in healthy individuals. The aging process,poor diet,and environmental toxins stress the bodys built-in antioxidant system,rendering it less capable of quenching free radicals.

Thorne Researchs Neurochondria is a superior formulation in the effort to maintain good neurological health.* This revolutionary product includes the best-researched nutrients for neurological support,providing antioxidant protection for sensitive neuronal tissue (R-lipoic acid and glutathione),enhanced neurotransmitter synthesis (acetyl-L-carnitine),optimized mitochondrial energetics (coenzyme Q10),cell membrane support (phosphatidylserine),and enhanced nerve cell function (benfotiamine,5-MTHF,and methylcobalamin).*