Novahue cardio 30sg



-Supports heart health*
-Helps support a healthy circulatory system*
-Helps maintain normal blood pressure already within the normal range*
Reduces oxidized LDL levels*

Novahue Cardio is a complex of natural ingredients that have been proven safe and effective in six well-controlled clinical trials.* This formula blends Novahues patented standardized tomato extract (containing five clinically relevant phytonutrients standardized at levels optimized for cardiovascular health) with a proprietary blend of phytosterols.* Published research revealed that these ingredients together were more effective in supporting heart health than lycopene by itself.*

Novahue Cardio benefits multiple physiological processes relating to healthy cardiovascular function: it reduces oxidized LDL levels; it supports healthy arteries by nourishing the endothelial lining; it helps maintain blood pressure already within the normal range; and it supports circulatory health.*