Omega-3 Squeeze Orange



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Orange Squeeze is a flavorful way to take your Omega-3s straight from an individual packet! Your whole family will love taking their fish oil because its fun, easy and delicious.

Better Purity: Coromegas® fish oil is 5Xs more pure than the industry standard*

Better Taste: The smooth and delicious fruit flavor is easy to digest meaning no fish burps!

Better Absorption: Our unique emulsified formula is absorbed 200% more effectively than fish oil softgels, which helps raise your Omega-3s to healthy levels for a healthier heart, mind and body.*

Squeeze Happy!

Lets face it-pills are old school. Your great grandparents took them. Your grandparents took them. Your parents took them. And if youre anything like us you take them too. Coromega® decided it was time to go beyond the pill and give people a new way to treat their bodies well.

Coromegas® unique squeeze format allows you to get your daily dose of Omega-3s directly from a packet, or you can squeeze it into your favorite foods like smoothies, juices, yogurts and more!

Coromegas® packets dont have to be refrigerated, dont leak and each contains one full days serving or Omega-3s. So throw a few into your bag and stash a few at your desk. Finally an Omega-3 that fits your life!