Petadolex ASAP

Enzymatic Therapy


Petadolex Fast-Acting 10sg is available by Enzymatic Therapy.

For Fast-Acting Relief


Relaxes blood vessels in the head


Neurologist Recommended!
The Only Safe, Pure Butterbur


More Info:
Petadolex Fast-Acting pure butterbur extract to support healthy blood vessel tone in the head, as well as normal blood flow in the brain. The exclusive, patented process (U.S. Patent #6, 551, 626) removes toxins naturally present in butterbur, making it the ONLY safe form available.

The butterbur in Petadolex Fast-Acting has been studied in a neurlogical clinical trial examining short-term use for immediate support. More than 75% of participants experienced an immediate response that was reported as "good" or "excellent."

On average, participants experienced a 54% decrease in the duration of an occurrence.

Clinical studies have also shown that Petadolex Fast-Acting is safe, well tolerated and produces no significant adverse effects, making it effective for fast-acting, clear-headed comfort in both adults and children.

Petadolex Fast-Acting is distributed by Enzymatic Therapy under license from Weber & Weber.