Premium Krill Complex

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Prescribed Choices Premium Krill Complex is 100% pure Krill Oil from the Antarctic and is 100% absorbable.  Our Krill Oil is unique in that it undergoes a multi-stage extraction (MSO) process to assure the highest quality, stability and efficacy of Krill Oil. This MSO process provides a five-fold increase in stability versus ordinary krill oils by preserving the natural nutrient krill profile.

PC’s Krill Oil contains very powerful natural antioxidants, phospholipids and Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) along with vitamin A and vitamin E, astaxanthin, and canthaxanithin. When bonded together, these compounds keep Krill Oil safe from oxidation and allow for greater shelf stability without rancidity, unlike regular fish oils. Moreover, Krill Oil has no fishy smell or taste.

 The other benefits of Krill Oil:
-Helps manage inflammation.
-Supports energy levels.
-Clinical studies have found Krill Oil especially effective for heart disease and heart-related health issues.
-May promote optimal brain functioning, mental alertness as well as retinal health.
-May provide relief from PMS symptoms.