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Patient One Primary Care Mens Daily is a foundation multi-vitamin supplement supplying broad-range vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanical compounds for overall health and well-being. Unlike typical multi-vitamins on the market that are made from synthetic chemical isolates, our Primary Care Dailys feature organic, non-GMO ingredients made from nutrient-dense raw, whole foods that are cultured in live probiotics with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, providing nutrition in a format your body understands and easily absorbs. 

The superior, more efficient absorbability of our formulas maximizes effectiveness with lower potency levels, allowing us to pack our tablet with added nutrients plus unique, proprietary herbal blends targeted for important health needs of men. Because they are whole-food complexes, Patient One Primary Care Dailys are gentle, easy to digest and can be taken any time of day–even on an empty stomach. The one-a-day dose promotes patient compliance. 

Vitamins are essential to a variety of biological processes, including growth, digestion, and nerve function. Primary Care Daily multi-vitamins supply a full spectrum of nutrients that support optimal wellness and can help fill the gaps in essential vitamins and minerals when lacking from the daily diet. According to the FDAs Dietary Guidelines for Americans, many people consume more calories than they need without taking in recommended amounts of a number of nutrients. The Guidelines warn that there are numerous nutrients— including vitamins—for which low dietary intake may be a cause of concern.