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ProstaCaid® is specifically designed to support prostate cellular and immune health, gentle liver detoxification and healthy hormonal balance. ProstaCaid® is a safe, potent and highly effective blend for superior prostate health maintenance.*

-Promotes Prostate Health*
-Supports Cellular Health*
-Supports Healthy Hormone Balance*
-Scientifically Researched Formula
-Vegetarian/Vegan Safe
-Allergen Free
Promotes Prostate Health*
In multiple scientific studies, ProstaCaid® has shown an effect on both hormone dependent and hormone insensitive prostate cells. At higher doses, ProstaCaid® forms the foundation of a comprehensive holistic program for active prostate support. At lower doses, ProstaCaid® offers daily support for lasting prostate health.*

ProstaCaid® for overall prostate health and support*
One in every six American men will struggle with serious prostate issues at some point in his lifetime—and if youre over the age of fifty, chances are good that youre one of them. But whether youre taking the path of "watchful waiting", or wading through the dizzying list of more drastic options, theres one thing you should know:

There are safe, well researched, non-invasive options available to you.
Lasting prostate health isnt a simple task... and there are many complex factors to consider—from urinary function to hormonal modulation to proper cellular differentiation. But the truth is, you can address all of these critical areas—without risking your livelihood in the process—with the help of a breakthrough natural formula called ProstaCaid®.*

Drawing from the latest advances in prostate research, this breakthrough formula applies the finest principles of integrative medicine to offer you superior, scientifically proven prostate care and powerful cellular protection—safely, naturally, and without a troublesome list of side effects.*

Supports Conventional Protocols*
ProstaCaid® is safe to use with conventional protocols.*

Enhances Holistic Protocols*
ProstaCaid® has been shown to work synergistically with PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin to offer a significant increase in prostate cellular health maintenance and support.*