QOL Labs


  • Protects the DNA of prostate cells from hormone-associated changes, with red clover isoflavones and vitamin D3.*
  • Supports a strong urinary flow, with standardized extracts of saw palmetto, nettle, and pygeum.*

Perhaps this sounds familiar. You find you need to urinate frequently. You feel the need to go urgently. Yet you don’t urinate with the same force as you used to. All these issues can tie you to the bathroom and seriously impact your quality of life.

Formulated by Dr. Aaron Katz, M.D. — a board-certified urologist and Chairman of Urology at Winthrop-University Hospital and author of Dr. Katz’s Guide to Prostate Health — Prostaquel™ features some of the world’s most researched natural ingredients for supporting prostate and urinary health.*

Modern research has isolated several active compounds in nettle, including scopoletin and beta-sitosterol. Human clinical studies have shown that the combination of 160 mg of saw palmetto extract plus 120 mg of nettle dry root extract daily supports urinary function, while promoting normal urinary flow.*