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Raw Goji Berries

Dried Organic Goji Berries are great as a healthy snack, topping for cereal,
as a tea, and as part of a variety of recipes.

Goji berries, treasured in Tibet for longevity, anti aging and energy
properties, became the focus of intense medical research when scientists
discovered these fruits contained an abundance of constituents that promote
health wellness. Goji Berries are amazing super foods. One or two handfuls
can give you more nutritional value than any other food on earth. Goji
berries have also been found to have extremely high levels of immune system
stimulating polysaccharides, along with an astonishing 13 -16% protein by
weight. They are also a rich source of both selenium and germanium.

Extended Health Goji Berries are wild crafted—picked in the wild far from
pollution, in Tibet’s sheltered and pristine valleys. And while other
certified organic foods may be treated with pesticides so long as spraying
is discontinued three months before being picked, ours are chemical-free
from seed to harvest. Our all natural, sun dried goji berries, which are
never processed or artificially sweetened, are packed with 18 amino acids
and 27 trace minerals. You won’t find a healthier or more delicious treat.