RC Pre-Treatment Clarifier

DeVita Professional Skin Care


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RC Pre-Treatment Clarifier 4oz is available by DeVita Professional Skin Care.

A natural skin toner that helps to normalize the hydration level of the skins uppermost layers opening receptors to amplify subsequent treatment formulas. Essential oils of rose have been used for centuries for toning, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect. It is particularly good for all skin types including acne-prone skin. Studies have shown treatment with rose oil over a long period of time can help in the case of ruptured blood vessels and broken capillaries. Its multiple effects make rose oil a highly valuable ingredient in natural skin care products.

Indication: To cleanse skin. For all skin types.

-Contains 100% Pure & natural Moroccan Rose essential oil
-Known to reduce appearance of broken capillaries on the face
-Anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect
-GREAT for Breakouts AND broken Capillaries