Regularity Guard



Benefit: Improves overall digestive health, balances glucose levels, and lowers blood fats.

When we are “regular, ” we just feel better… more energetic, more focused, more resilient. Fiber and fluids are keys to prebiotic health and essential, yet often overlooked, steps in digestive health. Proper, unprocessed fibers, in optimized balance, are better answers to constipation, dyspepsia, and to feeling heavy, fatigued,
unfocused, or drained.

PERQUE Regularity Guard is a patent pending unique combination of health-promoting prebiotic fibers. Take in water or any beverage to bind toxins, accelerate their safer removal from the body, and nourish the rapid growth of healthy, digestion-promoting bugs. Ample healthy bugs crowd out and prevent the growth of pathogenic “bad” bugs.