Rosemary Young Shoot



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Rosemary is primarily a liver regenerator and acts as both a liver and gall bladder drainer, with a mild
affinity for the kidneys. Traditionally, Rosemary was used as a culinary digestive stimulant for its cholagogue actions and on biliary lithiasis. The liver tonifying properties of Rosemary help to stimulate the defenses and become a useful remedy in chronic degenerative allergies. Due to the livers actions in the steroidogenic pathway, Rosemary also assists with the processing of elevated triglycerides and balances the hormones in both men and women. For women, it helps clear the liver of excess hormones from birth control, and aids in the treatment of hormonal acne. Rosemary may cause a euphoric state. High doses are cautioned because it may induce an epileptic condition.