Sea Buckthorn Bud



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Sea Buckthorn is a very unique plant that can differentiate itself into the two different sexes. It grows along unstable acidic soil and helps to consolidate the terrain in which it grows, and it is highly adaptable to various extremes in weather. It is only after 3-6 years that this plant can flower and produce berries that are considered "false fruits". It has one deep principal root that produces multiple horizontal branches that can extend up to 10m in length. Because it roots itself in nutrient-less soil, it depends on the aid of the fungal kingdom to create a symbiotic relationship in which to draw on nutrients to support its growth. Historically the Greeks used this phytotherapy for improving the lustre of horses hair hippophae (horse), phao (brilliant) and a vermifuge for veterinary health. The Tibetans used this remedy for encouraging the vitality, treating ailments of the skin, feminine ills, respiratory and stomach illnesses. This doctrine supports the affinity of Sea Buckthorn in balancing intestinal mucosal microorganisms to help boost the immunity by supporting multiple biochemical enzymatic exchanges in the gut during convalescence.