Silent Basketball - with Free Dribbling Course - Dribble like a pro in your home - Free Shipping!


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Silent Basketball with Free Dribbling Course. Free Shipping. Great for all ages and improves your basketball dribbling skills. Safe to use indoors so mom won't get mad.

This Silent Basketball comes with a Free dribbling program that will help make your son or daughter one of the best dribbles on the court. The course was designed by world-renowned basketball trainer Scott White. 

Finally get the best handles like Kyrie, The Professor, Tim Hardaway, AI, and more. Let this ball provide hours of fun and safe training indoors without making a sound. 

Material: PU

Soft & Quiet (Silent)

No need to inflate

Works on wood, carpet, tile, or any surface

Dribble everywhere

Size 7 - Full Size Basketball 

Free Shipping: Shipping can sometimes take up to 5-10 days transit time. No refunds silent basketballs made to order. 

FREE Dribbling Course Teaches moves to get the best handles. Learn To Do Moves Like: 

  • The Killer Crossover
  • The AI Crossover
  • Dribble Between Legs
  • Dribble Behind the Back
  • Hesitation Dribble
  • Cross-Over Dribble
  • Inside/Out Dribble
  • Side Skip Hesi
  • Switch Hands Hesi
  • Normal Hesi
  • BTL Hesi
  • Under Legs Hesi
  • Lateral Glide Hesi
  • Cross Lateral Glide Hesi
  • Cross Lateral Glide Hesi
  • Hip Swivel Hesi
  • Delayed (slow) BTL
  • Slow BTL Counter Cross
  • BTL Jab
  • BTL Jab Cross
  • Delayed BTB
  • Hesi Cross
  • Long Hang Cross
  • Double Cross
  • Push Out Cross
  • In-Out Cross
  • Cross Jab Cross
  • Hip Swivel Cross
  • Closed Stance Explosion
  • Switch Hands CSE
  • Half Spin "Smitty"
  • Spin Seal
  • Baseline BTB
  • In-Out Spin
  • BTL Spin
  • BTB Spin
  • Push Cross Spin
  • Shammgod
  • Chammgod Cross
  • Fake Shammgod
  • Cross jab
  • Quick In-Out
  • Slow In-Out
  • No Look In-Out
  • Cross BTL
  • In-Out BTL
  • Cross Jab BTL
  • Double BTL
  • BTL Counter Change of Direction
  • In-Out Plus BTB Wrap
  • BTL Plus BTB Wrap
  • Double BTB
  • Scissors Step
  • Scissor Step Cross
  • Push Cross
  • Look Away Push Cross
  • Snatch Plus Push Cross
  • Hesi Head Fake
  • Head Fake Plus Push Cross
  • Push Out Stunt
  • Cross Jab Plus Stunt
  • Hop Crank (Fake Snatch)
  • Push Out Dribble
  • BTB Counter Change Of Direction
  • Fake Handoff
  • "Crooked Leg BTB
  • Fake BTB Wrap
  • V Dribble
  • Spin Move
  • Dribble Combo Moves - Cross between Behind, Behind Cross Between
  • And soo much more. Dribble with Confidence
  • Learn to Dribble with your head up
  • Learn to pass out of dribble
  • Train indoors all day long. 

Free Dribble Handles Master Course with purchase of Silent Basketball.